Support Every Patient
at Every Dose

Support Every Patient
at Every Dose

Taking medication properly is challenging.

Complex barriers to adherence lead to increased exacerbation, utilization, and readmission.

emocha helps patients form
lasting habits to improve outcomes.

Our digital medication adherence program drives
chronic care management through virtual video
check-ins and human engagement.

emocha’s program transforms non-adherent patients into adherent patients.

Remote Pharmacist Medication Review

Pharmacists perform a Comprehensive Medication Review at program kickoff to resolve medication issues related to nonadherence.

Daily Engagement & Support

emocha’s engagement playbook is a hybrid model that combines human engagement and scalable algorithms


Financial, social, and motivational incentives– developed to align with program goals – help kickstart behavior change.

Asynchronous Video Check‑In

A daily, asynchronous video appointment creates accountability and offers insights into patient health and behavior.

Medication Problem Intervention

emocha confirms that patients follow correct administration & technique, and addresses issues including side effects.

emocha solves medication adherence through a CDC-endorsed, validated model called DOT.

DOT is the only technique proven to consistently secure adherence rates greater than 90 percent, and address behavior issues, medication problems, and social determinants through daily interaction. emocha holistically scales this practice through the power of people and technology.

Who We Help

Health Systems & Providers

emocha engages patients outside the walls of a hospital, improving medication adherence—a known risk factor for readmissions—and supporting transitional care management.

Public Health Departments

emocha is the standard of care in more than 60 health departments across the globe, often complementing in-person DOT programs.

Health Plans

emocha improves direct medication adherence, helping patients improve clinical outcomes, and enabling plans to meet quality metrics & ratings while reducing healthcare utilization costs.

Clinical Studies & Research

Through dose-by-dose adherence insights, emocha enables researchers to accurately assess the benefits and harms of a medication and reduce trial attrition.

One integrated program for targeted populations that need adherence support

Asthma & COPD

94% of patients do not use inhalers correctly. emocha helps patients improve technique in less than 14 days. Proper adherence to daily controller medication improves AMR and results in fewer ED visits.


Patients with poorly managed diabetes are at higher risk of life-threatening complications, hospitalizations, and ER visits, in addition to more expensive comorbidities.


Medication adherence reduces the risk that transplanted organs fail, avoiding costly and difficult complications such as rejection episodes, infection, graft failure, and retransplantation.

Infectious Diseases

emocha is the standard of care for hundreds of Tuberculosis programs across the country. emocha is also an effect tool for supporting patients with HIV and HCV medication.

Outbreak Monitoring

emocha helps employers and public health departments across the country keep employees and communities safe through vaccination tracking, symptoms monitoring, contact investigation/tracing and a clinical triage service.


When hypertensive patients are supported at every dose, adherence to statins improves, blood pressure is controlled, ED visits are avoided and quality measures improve.

Clinical validation through more than 21 peer-reviewed publications of studies proving adherence rates, acceptability, and impact.

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