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Our Solution

emocha is a clinical adherence service that improves medication adherence through video technology and human engagement. We leverage a CDC-endorsed model called Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) to support both patients and providers.

The problem

Half of medication isn’t taken as prescribed, leading to $300 billion in healthcare costs per year in the U.S. 1

Emocha difference

Patients who use emocha achieve up to 94% 
medication adherence. 2

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Emocha Solution

emocha solves medication adherence through a CDC-endorsed model called Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) 3

DOT is the only technique proven to consistently secure adherence rates greater than 90 percent. emocha holistically scales this practice through video technology and human engagement.

Emocha Solution

A clinical adherence service powered by nurses and pharmacists

Daily Observation
Daily Observation
Video observation creates accountability and offers rich, daily insight into the patient’s health and behavior.
Medication & Administration Verification
Medication & Administration Verification
emocha assesses adherence at every dose and confirms that patients follow correct medication technique.
Engagement & Support
Engagement & Support
emocha’s dataset informs our engagement playbook, a hybrid model that combines human engagement and scalable algorithms.
Financial, social, and motivational incentives -- developed in partnership to align with program goals -- help kickstart behavior change and form long-lasting habits.

Who We Help

Health Systems & Providers

emocha engages patients outside of the four walls of a hospital, improving medication adherenceone of the known risk factors for readmissions.

Clinical Trials & Research

Through dose-by-dose adherence insights, emocha enables researchers to accurately assess the benefits and harms of a medication and reduce trial attrition.

Public Health Departments

emocha’s HIPAA-compliant video Directly Observed Therapy platform is a novel, patient-centric solution for TB programs to fulfill CDC guidelines. 

Health Insurers

emocha improves direct medication adherence, helping patients achieve improved clinical outcomes and plans meet quality measure targets while reducing costs.

One integrated program for targeted populations that need adherence support

Tuberculosis & Infectious Disease

emocha is the standard of care in more than 60 health departments globally. emocha complements in-person DOT programs, which alleviates burdens and helps patients get better, faster.


Organ Transplant

Medication adherence reduces the risk that transplanted organs fail, avoiding costly and difficult complications such as re-transplant and hospitalizations.



Opioid Use Disorder

Patients who adhere to medications to treat opioid use disorder are at reduced risk of overdose and are less likely to use illicit drugs. 




Patients with diabetes poorly managed disease are at higher risk of life-threatening complications, hospitalizations, and ER visits.




Patients with COPD who adhere to daily maintenance medication, and master proper inhaler technique, can avoid preventable complications, resulting in fewer hospital admissions and ER visits.



People with poorly controlled asthma suffer from attacks. Preventable hospitalization and ER visits are directly tied to non-adherence to maintenance medications. 


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