We are on a mission to empower every patient to take every dose of medication. We envision a world where taking all of your medication is a cultural norm and the deadly consequences of nonadherence are history.

Our Philosophy

Address critical challenges

Address critical challenges

Medication adherence is fundamental for healthy communities. Our work has focused on economically disadvantaged, marginalized patient populations facing large-scale health challenges.

Research & Validate

Research & Validate

We conduct primary research from product development through implementation to ensure that we solve the right problem. We partner with world-renowned experts to ensure real-world applicability and validate our efficacy through independent clinical research.

Strengthen Engagement

Strengthen Engagement

DOT works because of the relationship between the patient and provider. emocha’s solution strengthens this connection, offering multiple communication tools to support patients and encourage adherence at each step of the process.

Simplify the Complex

Simplify the Complex

We believe in simplifying paper-driven workflows for efficient care delivery through clean, digital design. Our ultimate goal is to equip patients and providers with tools to remove complexity and relieve unnecessary burdens and responsibilities.

Our History

emocha was established in 2014 after our founders licensed a mobile health software created by Johns Hopkins University clinician-scientists. The software that powers emocha’s platform was one of the first mobile health technologies ever developed, and was originally used to assist healthcare workers treating patients in Uganda with HIV. Since then, we have expanded to become a turnkey service to improve medication adherence for patients around the globe for a number of infectious and chronic conditions. emocha is used in public health departments, clinical trials, health systems, and managed care organizations to achieve high medication adherence rates and engage patients in care.

emocha is a category 1 mobile medical application registered with the FDA.

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