FOR HEALThcare workers & employees

COVID-19 Remote Monitoring and Engagement Service

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A version of emocha has been used to monitor public health outbreaks, including Ebola and Covid-19, since 2015. emocha’s team of public health experts is now providing monitoring and engagement with employees exposed to Covid-19. We offer either the standalone technology along with training for how to monitor your employees, or a monitoring service where we enroll, monitor, and engage with your employees.

Identify & manage symptoms

emocha uses short, virtual check-ins to identify, track, and manage symptoms of healthcare professionals who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Monitored employees check in daily with emocha’s HIPAA-secure mobile app, and emocha identifies, triages, and escalates symptoms when needed. 

Reduce risk and prevent further exposures

emocha immediately identifies symptomatic and asymptomatic healthcare workers through effective and streamlined reporting. Our monitoring reduces risk, prevents further exposures, and enables an effective return-to-work strategy.

Expand resources during a crisis

emocha lessens the increasing pressure on the healthcare workforce, and helps hospitals & health systems better allocate resources and make decisions. Through bulk uploads in our web-based portal and mass enrollment via immediate SMS distribution, we ensure a rapid implementation timeline. 


Symptoms Reporting

Users report any symptoms they are experiencing.

Virtual Check-In

Users who report “yes” are asked to record a short video check-in. 

Household Question

Users answer COVID-19 household question.

Temperature Input

Users submit their temperature readings.



Analytics provided at both individual and population-level, for time-sensitive return-to-work decisions.

  • Live monitoring data, updated hourly, shows symptomatic and asymptomatic contacts

  • Analytics display declined and non-adherent users

  • Daily report summarizes outreach, enrollment, and symptoms 

  • Fever tracker shows employees with temperatures greater than or equal to 100 degrees

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