Remote Monitoring & Triage Services
for Return-to-Work

The leading HIPAA-compliant public health platform since 2008

emocha uses short, virtual check-ins to identify, track, and manage COVID-19 symptoms of employees to enable an effective return-to-work strategy. Through rapid implementation and comprehensive analytics, emocha immediately identifies symptomatic and asymptomatic employees to help make timely decisions. Actionable reporting insights are updated hourly for employers. emocha’s monitoring service includes a dedicated team of engagement specialists who provide frequent, direct touchpoints with employees. With a fully staffed clinical team, emocha provides triage services for clinical evaluation & verification of symptoms or exposure per CDC guidelines.

How It Works


Easy Sign-Up

Easy self-enrollment through HIPAA-secure SMS.



Vaccination Status and other reporting

Individuals document their vaccination status by uploading an image of their vaccination card. Individuals can also report any symptoms they might be experiencing, answer questions on exposure and testing status, and can input their temperature. 


Color-Coded Digital Badge

Each user receives a color-coded digital badge to indicate whether or not it is safe to return to work or school.

Value-added clinical triage services for your entire population

emocha’s clinical team is up-to-date on CDC guidelines. We can additionally direct individuals to employer or local public health resources for getting vaccinations and/or testing. We are also available to discuss COVID-19 symptoms with individuals.

Identify & manage symptoms

emocha uses short, virtual check-ins to identify, track, and manage symptoms of employees. Monitored employees check in daily with emocha’s HIPAA-secure mobile app, and emocha identifies, triages, and escalates symptoms when needed.

Reduce risk and prevent further exposures

emocha immediately identifies symptomatic and asymptomatic employees through effective and streamlined reporting. Our monitoring reduces risk, prevents further exposures, and enables an effective and safe return-to-work strategy.

Expand resources for your business

emocha helps your organization better allocate resources and make practical, essential business decisions. Through bulk uploads in our web-based portal and mass enrollment via immediate SMS distribution, we ensure a rapid implementation timeline.

Actionable Analytics

Customers gain access to actionable dashboards that communicate which cohorts are ready to return to work. These dashboards are updated hourly, allowing employers to better allocate business resources, minimize risk, and maximize capacity.

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