The First Comprehensive Digital Medication Adherence Program

A program designed to engage and support both patients & providers.

emocha’s Digital Adherence Program remotely engages & supports patients with asthma while helping them improve non-adherence and inhaler technique, resulting in better quality of life, improved clinical metrics, and decreased hospital utilization.

Our Digital Medication Adherence Program

Enrollment & Onboarding

Providers recommend emocha to patients who need support, and the emocha team onboards them. Pharmacists first conduct a Comprehensive Medication Review to identify, analyze, and correct potential medication issues.

Daily Engagement & Support

Patients use emocha’s app to take medication, report any side effects, and ask questions: building adherence habits through daily video check-ins with their emocha coach.

Clinically-led Care Team

Coaches provide daily support through our engagement platform. Adherence barriers are documented and addressed, while side effects — including inhaler technique — are escalated to an emocha nurse. Critical issues are triaged back to the provider and care team.

Financial Incentives

Patients receive a small financial incentive to reward high adherence throughout 90 days of video check-ins. emocha continues to monitor refill rates in the following months and re-engages patients in virtual visits if adherence begins to drop.

WMAR-2 News

Nationwide, there are 14M missed school days/year due to asthma. In Baltimore City, pediatric asthma prevalence is ~20%, with especially high hospitalization rates. Listen to one of our pediatric asthma participants report on her experience with emocha’s program.

“The emocha program helped us do everything on a schedule so we wouldn’t forget this morning or tomorrow night… which is something that would happen and Elajah would be the one to suffer from it.”
-Tashima Smithwick-Bey, Elajah’s mother

Program Opportunities & Value

Improve technique & motivation

94% of patients do not use inhalers correctly, and require multiple education sessions to confirm proper technique. emocha’s daily video check-ins help correct improper technique, and give patients increased motivation when they understand the correlation between technique and efficacy. 

Decrease hospitalizations & ER visits

Poor inhaler technique has been proven to increase exacerbations, thus resulting in higher utilization and ER visits.

Increase clinical & quality metrics

emocha ensures patients take every dose, improving MMA and MPR: both of which are important HEDIS measures. Patients maintain their medication for at least 75% of their treatment, and the ratio of controller meds to total asthma medications is at least .50 during the measured year.

Optimize staffing efficiencies

emocha’s clinical team can handle 96% of reported issues internally. During a program with 331 total technique issues identified, only 11 issues were escalated back to the provider for further assessment.

Learn more about implementing emocha for your asthma patients.