BALTIMORE, MD (May, 2020) emocha and the City of Baltimore are announcing a new partnership to monitor City employees for symptoms of COVID-19 as they return to work. emocha’s mobile application uses short, asynchronous virtual check-ins to identify and track symptoms of COVID-19. Eleven thousand Baltimore City employees, across 33 agencies, will be enrolled in emocha’s monitoring program and connected with their engagement team. The partnership is a key element of the City of Baltimore’s return-to-work plan.

There are 3,505 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city, but as hospitalizations have plateaued, state and local governments have begun to plan how to safely reopen parts of the economy: including allowing government employees to return to work. Monitoring employees for symptoms of COVID-19 is essential to keeping employees safe in the workplace. emocha’s partnership with the City of Baltimore will enable crucial city functions to restart while keeping employees protected. 

Across the country, local governments and employers are looking for ways to safely bring employees back to work in the wake of COVID-19. The safest methods incorporate social distancing—including having employees report their temperature before coming to work and confirm that they are symptom-free before entering the workplace. By implementing a remote monitoring program, the City will reduce employees’ potential exposure at work.

emocha has a long and storied history in public health, serving over 300 public health departments nationwide. During the Ebola crisis, emocha’s technology was leveraged to monitor all travelers who entered the State of Maryland from affected areas. emocha’s platform, a mobile app available to all City of Baltimore employees, allows employees of the City to track their symptoms and temperature. The emocha app will also provide links to Baltimore City COVID-19 resources and display a color-coded digital badge indicating the employee’s return-to-work status for entrance to facilities. For City visitors or employees who do not have smartphones, emocha has developed an on-site kiosk and a web portal for symptom reporting. Both employees and visitors will be able to register and check-in at this kiosk before entering City facilities.

emocha is proud to announce this partnership with the City of Baltimore, to keep city employees safe and healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as Baltimore City returns to the workplace. Comprehensive symptoms monitoring of all City employees through the emocha program is essential to reopen government functions. “Symptoms and fever monitoring drive the return-to-work decision. Since the founding of emocha in 2014, emocha has worked with municipalities globally to contain and manage infectious disease. We are honored to help our home town return to work,” says emocha CEO Sebastian Seiguer.

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emocha provides remote monitoring services for patients to monitor their health through virtual check-ins and scalable human engagement. The platform is being used by public health departments, hospitals, health centers, and managed care organizations across the globe to radically improve medication adherence for patients with diabetes, tuberculosis, opioid use disorder, asthma, COPD, hepatitis C, and other chronic and infectious diseases, and to monitor COVID-19 symptoms for those at risk. Since 2015, a version of emocha has been used for monitoring public health outbreaks, including Ebola and COVID-19. Learn more at