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Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Since our beginning, we have used our platform to support and engage populations that have been historically disadvantaged to address health inequities and improve outcomes.

We understand that among vulnerable groups, social determinants of health (SDOH) like a lack of safe housing, transportation, education, access to nutritious food, and literacy skills contribute to glaring health disparities.

As a solution, we partner with employers, health plans, public health departments, Medicaid, and Medicare to surround each patient with a personalized care team at no cost to patients. And our holistic, relationship-based approach allows patients to feel comfortable in sharing the specific SDOH that make it difficult for them to take their medications. With this knowledge, we address medication-adherence barriers and help providers deliver evidence-based interventions.

We’re Driving Change

We improve medication adherence rates in chronic conditions that disproportionately affect vulnerable communities.



higher risk of having diabetes diagnosis among African Americans



higher risk of having diabetes diagnosis among Latin Americans



higher chance of being hospitalized and dying from asthma among African Americans, particularly women



higher rates of hypertension among Latin Americans



higher rates of hypertension among African Americans and Asian Americans

Infectious Disease


of tuberculosis cases in the U.S. are among foreign born persons

Infectious Disease


of tuberculosis cases in the U.S. are racial and ethnic minorities

Sickle Cell


Americans suffer from sickle cell disease, and African Americans are the most commonly affected race

Behavioral Health


of those in treatment for behavioral health are racial and ethnic minorities

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We’re Built to Reach the Unreached

Built for low connectivity

emocha was built for patients in remote and rural settings as well as those with intermittent internet access. We have extensive experience deploying our tech to patients with limited data or low connectivity so they can access our program regardless of their situation.

Available in 20+ languages

emocha’s mobile app interface is easy to use, designed for older populations and non-English speakers. Languages include Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Somali, Tagalog, Nepali, Persian, Arabic, Hindi, and more.

Highly personalized and convenient

Asynchronous, two-way video is extremely accessible, convenient, and impactful. We believe this medium represents the next frontier of digital health.

Extra impactful to those who are isolated

Daily check-ins between patients and their dedicated emocha nurse and health coach allow for high impact engagement that helps address loneliness. We’re able to quickly identify and escalate deeper care needs.

Supportive of multiple populations

emocha’s program is easy to deploy to multiple populations. Patients with chronic conditions often struggle with comorbidities. We help patients understand these conditions and complex regimens and learn how to self manage.

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We’re Going Beyond

Our focus on improving health equity and addressing SDOH is part of our greater strategy to:

Influence what is valued in healthcare to focus on quality, patient engagement, and the elimination of health disparities

Help vulnerable communities experiencing socioeconomic deprivation overcome the social and structural factors that impede their health and wellness

Use our creative and innovative technology to optimize the quality of life of patients and populations across demographics and across the lifespan in a culturally meaningful way

Leverage data to understand inequity, drive impactful changes, and create structures for continuous improvements in alleviating health inequities

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