Medication Adherence Monitoring is Reimbursable

Increase patient medication adherence with Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) services

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While billions are spent every year on prescription drugs, 50% of people still do not take their medications properly. The result is $350 billion a year in avoidable hospitalizations.


The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule now reimburses providers for monitoring medication adherence between office visits using newly available RTM codes. By implementing emocha Health’s digital medication adherence program, healthcare providers can offer patients an interactive RTM solution that:

  • Provides effective, daily support of medication regimens
  • Combines digital and human engagement and interaction to improve adherence
  • Observes the number of doses actually taken using asynchronous video
  • Uses a proven CDC-endorsed model of care
  • Has been clinically validated in 12 peer-reviewed journal publications
  • Goes far beyond refill metrics to fully measure and improve real adherence


New Medicare Physician Fee Schedule RTM Codes*
How we operate a medication adherence program under supervision of your qualified healthcare professionals**
CPT code 98975
Initial set-up and patient education

Enrollment and initial engagement

  • Providers identify and enroll eligible patients
  • Patients can ask questions and learn how they can submit videos
CPT code 98980 Monitoring/treatment management services, first 20 minutes

Initial clinical observation and assessment

Every month, emocha’s software allows clinical staff to interact with patients to:

  • Understand their prescription regimens
  • Remind them to take their medication daily
  • Assess daily adherence
  • Address any reported side effects
  • Correct administration errors
  • Answer questions
  • Escalate any necessary issues to your attention

emocha provides turnkey services upon request

CPT code 98981
Monitoring/treatment management services, each additional 20 minutes

Ongoing monthly assessment and support

We track and capture our time spent:

  • Reviewing patient videos to determine daily adherence and that medications are being taken properly
  • Responding to patients to encourage adherence
  • Resolving any identified adherence barriers
CPT codes 98976, 98977
Device for supplying scheduled recording(s) and/or programmed alerts for respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions

Remote patient adherence data collection

  • Patients use emocha’s digital medical adherence application to upload videos, report issues, and interact with the care team
  • emocha is a category 1 mobile medical application registered with the FDA

*Effective January 1, 2022
**Please note these are examples only. Each provider must make the determination as to services rendered and appropriate coding.