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Our holistic adherence service engages patients at every dose

Daily medication adherence assessment

Assessment of medication technique

Identification of barriers to adherence

Patient engagement & targeted escalation

Our turnkey solution to medication adherence

emocha analyzes several data sources to identify patients who likely possess medication but are likely non-adherent, and then spearheads engagement and recruitment efforts. Our targeted and comprehensive intervention not only helps facilitate adherence and patient-centered care, but also lowers costs.  

emocha assists patients to help them download the mobile app, trains patients on the program, and walks patients through their first video submission. Because studies have confirmed that human engagement helps drive adherence, emocha helps patients make frequent and meaningful communication through scalable technology. 

With specifically outlined steps, including submission, review and assessment, and subsequent engagement, patients begin a personalized daily adherence cycle. Guided by a team of experts who are proactive, results-oriented, and empowering, patients receive feedback and advice according to their submissions.

emocha helps care teams understand patient- and population-level adherence, reported side effects, engagement rates, and outreach metrics. . Through the creation of weekly and monthly reports per patient, providers and customers are continuously kept abreast of relevant analytics. 

All care team members benefit when patients demonstrate high medication adherence. Hospitals reduce readmissions, health plans save on downstream expenditures, and public health programs save resources. Most importantly, patient health is strengthened when adherence improves.

emocha’s customer service is second to none. In the end, our clients and staff benefit from the simplicity and flexibility that emocha offers.

Alameda County Public Health Department (California)

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Health Systems & Providers

Nonadherent patients are 2.5 times more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. emocha’s clinically-validated solution secures medication rates greater than 94 percent.

Clinical Trials & Research

emocha’s dose-by-dose adherence insights have enabled researchers around the globe to secure high rates of adherence and glean accurate results in trials spanning conditions including opioid use disorder, Hepatitis C virus, HIV, diabetes, and more.

Public Health Departments

With more than 60 customers in public health departments, emocha’s video Directly Observed Therapy software has consistently achieved adherence rates comparable to in-person DOT while saving precious public health resources.

Health Insurers

By supporting members with suspected dose-by-dose non-adherence, emocha enables plans to improve quality measures, reduce costs, and enhance patient outcomes.

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