Improve Compliance and Retention in Clinical Trials

Manage adherence in trials

Through dose-by-dose observation and daily engagement, emocha enables clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations to accurately assess the benefits and harms of a medication and reduce trial attrition.

Assess adherence rates through research

Developed by clinician-researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, emocha has been leveraged in multiple studies around the globe to measure and secure high rates of medication adherence.

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Video DOT is a good way for our providers to ensure that the medication is going to the right people.

Godersky, et al. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice. (2019)

Adherence Service Features

Outreach & Enrollment

Through targeted recruitment initiatives including email, phone, and SMS, emocha reaches out to trial participants to enroll them in a holistic adherence program.

Daily Observation & Assessment

emocha’s team evaluates the participant’s submission to determine if medication was taken, side effects were reported, proper technique was followed, and dosage was correct

Daily Support & Engagement

Because human engagement drives adherence, emocha connects with participants through a daily interaction to foster relationships.

Adherence Analytics

Researchers have access to detailed metrics surrounding dose-by-dose adherence to accurately understand participant progress.

Technology Supports Patient-Centric Care for Opioid Use Disorder

NIDA-funded trial led by emocha, the University of Washington, and Boston Medical Center, highlighted at national conference

In a study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, emocha is working with clinicians and researchers at the University of Washington and Boston Medical Centers to better understand the applications of mobile technology for treating opioid use disorder. 

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