Improve Health Outcomes and

Reduce Costs

Avoid ED visits & hospitalizations

Each year, approximately half of medication is not taken properly, which leads to about $300 billion in avoidable costs: often a result of emergency visits and hospitalizations caused by worsening conditions. 

Accurately measure adherence

Traditional measures to understand adherence, such as medication possession ratios, do not account for actual nonadherence.

Reduce costs & improve outcomes

emocha improves direct medication adherence, thereby helping patients achieve improved clinical outcomes. This enables plans to meet quality measure targets and reduce costs.

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By creating a daily connection with our members, this new program will help to improve healthcare for the most vulnerable.

Mark Puente, President and CEO of UMHP

Adherence Service Features

Outreach & Enrollment

Through targeted recruitment initiatives including email, phone, and SMS, emocha reaches out to trial participants to enroll them in a holistic adherence program.

Daily Observation & Assessment

emocha’s team evaluates the member’s submission to determine if medication was taken, side effects were reported, proper technique was followed, and dosage was correct.

Member Support & Engagement

Because human observation drives adherence, emocha engages with members through a daily interaction to foster relationships.

Adherence Analytics

Providers, care team members, and insurers have access to detailed metrics surrounding dose-by-dose adherence to accurately understand member progress.

DOT for Treatment Adherence with Hypertension Patients

Benefits of leveraging Directly Observed Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Hypertension

Read the findings from a study published in JAMA, which confirm that patients with substantially improved blood pressure subsequent to DOT had a sustained improvement in controlled blood pressure one month later, and inherent limitations of alternate adherence methods.

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