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Improve clinical outcomes

emocha has proven results with asthma, diabetes, and hypertension: helping health plan members improve their inhaler technique, asthma control scores, HbA1C, and blood pressure. emocha has helped plans achieve fewer ED visits and reduced hospitalization rates with their members.

Strengthen quality measures

Improving direct adherence improves outcomes within 90 days, enabling plans to meet Star ratings, HEDIS scores, and specific Medicaid quality measures across multiple domains of care: including Asthma Medication Ratio, Comprehensive Diabetes Care, and Controlling High Blood Pressure. Read more.

Decrease medical spend

When patients adhere to their medications, they have fewer hospitalizations, readmissions, and ED visits. Adherence also helps patients avoid disease progression and more expensive treatments, with adherent patients costing 3-5x less than non-adherent patients. Reducing medical spend while meeting quality incentive benchmarks yields a high ROI for plans.

Increase true adherence

Traditional measures to understand adherence, such as Medication Possession Ratio and Proportion of Days Covered, do not account for actual ingestion. While emocha dramatically improves both MPR and PDC, our program includes human observation at every dose: helping patients achieve up to 98% dose-by-dose adherence.

Improve member satisfaction

emocha has achieved a 4.8/5 member satisfaction rate, helping health plans improve their CAHPS measures. Members describe emocha as easy and impactful, and over 90% of members said they would recommend the program to others and would participate in another program in the future.

Deploy flexible & scalable solution

emocha has been deployed to over 160,000 users. We work with health plans to prove immediate value with one disease, and rapidly expand to include additional high-cost populations.

emocha is a category 1 mobile medical application registered with the FDA.

Digital Adherence Program Features

Outreach & Enrollment

Outreach & Enrollment

Through a series of established recruitment channels, emocha conducts outreach to members through in-person or remote onboarding and enrolls them in the program.

Daily Observation & Assessment

Daily Observation & Assessment

emocha’s clinical team evaluates submissions to determine if medication was taken, side effects were reported, proper technique was followed, and dosage was correct.

Patient Support & Engagement

Patient Support & Engagement

Because human engagement drives adherence, emocha connects with members through a daily interaction to foster relationships.

Adherence Analytics

Adherence Analytics

Providers and care team members have access to detailed dashboards surrounding dose-by-dose adherence and engagement trends to accurately understand both member and population-level progress.
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By creating a daily connection with our members, this new program will help to improve healthcare for the most vulnerable.

Mark Puente, President and CEO of UMHP

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