Support Patients to Prevent Hospital Readmissions

Prevent hospital readmissions

Patients who are nonadherent to medications are 2.5 times more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days.

Strengthen patient engagement

emocha combines human observation and engagement to support patients outside of the four walls of a hospital and improve medication adherence: one of the known risk factors of readmission.

Clinically validated practice

Backed by extensive clinical data and experience, our CDC-endorsed scalable solution can be seamlessly deployed into any health system.

Improving medication adherence thus offers one of those rare opportunities in healthcare to achieve multiple desired endpoints from the same policy.

Stuart, B., Loh, F., Roberto, P., & Miller, L. (2013). Increasing Medicare Part D Enrollment In Medication Therapy Management Could Improve Health and Lower Costs. Health Affairs.

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Adherence Service Features

Outreach & Enrollment

Through targeted recruitment initiatives including email, phone, and SMS, emocha reaches out to patients through in-person onboarding and enrolls them in a holistic adherence program.

Daily Observation & Assessment

emocha’s team evaluates the patient’s submission to determine if medication was taken, side effects were reported, proper technique was followed, and dosage was correct.

Patient Support & Engagement

Because human engagement drives adherence, emocha connects with patients through a daily interaction to foster relationships.


Adherence Analytics

Providers and care team members have access to detailed metrics surrounding dose-by-dose adherence to accurately understand patient progress.

How to Reduce Hospital Readmissions Through Improved Adherence

The link between medication adherence and rehospitalizations

Readmission rates are used as a quality benchmark metric for value-based care, and there is a growing need for health systems to implement strategies that reduce readmissions and bolster patient adherence.

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