Video DOT for Tuberculosis Treatment

Support patients and expand programming resources

emocha’s video Directly Observed Therapy platform is a novel, patient-centric solution for public health departments. The software has been clinically validated to achieve adherence rates comparable to in-person DOT and save precious public health resources. emocha complements in-person DOT—alleviating burdens for patients and TB programs.

emocha video DOT enhances Guam Public Health’s tuberculosis program by providing more convenient options for our patients.

Chima D. Mbakwem, Tuberculosis/Hansen Disease Control Program Manager, Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services

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Learn About emocha’s Real World Impact

Public health departments save $1,400 per patient with emocha

Fresno County reduced emissions and saved money

Guam brings video DOT to the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands

Product Benefits

20 + Languages

Available in more than 20 languages, emocha has been implemented across the United States and several international sites.

In-Person DOT App

The Care Team app allows healthcare workers to view patient information, log in-person DOT visits, and further engage with patients.

Asynchronous Technology

The patient app functions with or without connectivity to enable offline submissions: uploaded once WiFi is accessed.

Secure Messaging

Through our HIPAA-compliant two-way chat, patients and their care team can easily communicate about treatment.

Video DOT Advancements Highlighted at National Tuberculosis Conference

Presentations at NTCA reinforced the effectiveness of video DOT

At the 2019 National Tuberculosis Conference, poster presentations focused on the issue of medication adherence: a recurring theme in eradicating tuberculosis. Learn how this year’s sessions again reinforced the efficacy of video DOT—and outlined newly developed modalities within the field.

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