emocha is becoming Scene Health

Our story

emocha was created by clinicians and scientists at Johns Hopkins, and first deployed in rural Uganda. Since spinning out of Johns Hopkins in 2014, we’ve tackled dozens of public health challenges head-on. We’ve fought the most pressing health challenges of our time through better medication adherence management: asthma, diabetes, COPD, hypertension, sickle cell disease, tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis C, solid organ transplant, depression, and substance use disorders. To every challenge, we said yes. Game on. We’re all in.

To do this, we’ve scaled and enhanced the gold standard of medication adherence, Directly Observed Therapy, to revolutionize care. We’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations: health departments, health systems, health plans, research organizations, and employers. Not only did we solve challenges for our customers, we proved out and published findings that our solution helps patients succeed with medication, one dose and one condition at a time.

Now it’s time to reinvent our brand for a new chapter of growth!

Reinventing our brand

Our new name conveys our commitment to seeing the individual at the scene of their health.

After dozens of interviews and hundreds of hours of ideation and tinkering, we honed in on the story we needed to tell:

  • We care for the whole person.
  • Every video check-in is a window into each patient’s world, where they are seen and heard.

With this unique approach, we’re transforming the meaning of care. We’re using video Directly Observed Therapy to enable caregivers to finally see the full picture. We’re ALL IN on better health outcomes, and you’ll see that attitude come through in our brand.

Our holistic model of care:



Our pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches help participants tackle adherence barriers to enable and motivate lasting change for healthy outcomes.


Our validated interventions including enhanced Directly Observed Therapy, Comprehensive Medication Reviews, small financial incentives, motivational interviewing, and more empower people to overcome medication challenges, build new habits, and learn how to self manage.


Our adherence platform includes a mobile app, a care team portal, content studio, escalation and engagement engine, and more — each designed to help patients achieve better health outcomes.

Our new identity is not just look and feel, but the unveiling of our technologies and services as key elements of a novel model of care, one that took us nearly a decade to develop. Scene is our company, and Panorama is our holistic model of care that combines people, science, and technology. It’s more than just video Directly Observed Therapy. It’s a 360-degree approach to health that tackles challenges and motivates lasting change.

We’re introducing our new brand and model of care today and
will introduce new product names to patients in early 2023.

Spotlight by [Scene]

Our easy-to-use mobile app. Patients log into Spotlight daily to connect with our care team of pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches through daily video check-ins, anytime and anywhere

Backstage by [Scene]

Action by [Scene]

Launch timeline


  • What is happening?
    emocha Mobile Health, Inc. (emocha), the company, is rebranding as Scene Health (Scene). Legally, we are accomplishing this through the use of a “Doing Business As” trade name (DBA).
  • Why is emocha becoming Scene?
    We know who we are: We care for the whole person, and we want everyone to succeed in taking their medication every day. Each video check-in is a window into someone’s world, where they are seen and heard. It’s an opportunity to connect every day. “emocha,” as a company and product name, didn’t convey this idea. After dozens of interviews with patients, care teams, customers, clients, and other partners, we chose our new name, Scene. This new name conveys our commitment to seeing each individual at the scene of their health.
  • When is emocha becoming Scene?
    On November 7, 2022, we will launch Scene with new colors, a new logo, and updated visuals on our new corporate website at the URL In early 2023, we will introduce our new brand and product names on patient-facing materials. We will communicate with mobile users about the change several weeks before the update. This two-phased approach puts patients, providers, employees, and clients first to help ensure a smooth transition.
  • How will the mobile app change?
    Changes to the name and visual design of the mobile app are coming in early 2023. In January, the app name and logo will change, and you will notice a more vibrant look and feel to match the warm, supportive care you receive as part of our program. Until then, the mobile app will continue to be available in the Apple iOS and Google Play stores as “emocha.”
  • What won’t change?
    As exciting as all the changes are, some key things will not change. Our platform remains HIPAA compliant, and its security features for capturing, transmitting, and storing information are not changing. We will continue to engage and support you through video chat and phone, as well as side effects or symptoms capture and progress tracking. We will continue to improve functionality and user experience through ongoing app releases and will address any technical issues that arise. We encourage you to always download the latest version of the mobile app to ensure you have the best experience.
  • How can I get help if I need technical support?
    Visit or email On November 7th, this URL and email address will automatically forward to and
  • Will the rebrand affect how I connect with my care team or my coaches through the mobile app?
    Nope! Keep using the mobile app every day to submit check-ins and chat with your care team to stay on track.
  • What’s happening to our contracts and tax forms?
    By taking a DBA approach to the rebrand, there is very little impact on legal and administrative matters with customers. Our legal name is not changing; we are still emocha Mobile Health, Inc., a Delaware corporation. It is simply our corporate brand that is transitioning to Scene Health. Our contracts remain unchanged, and you will see references on our website and other material to the name emocha Mobile Health, Inc., d/b/a Scene Health. Under this approach, there is no legal requirement to adjust contracts, invoices, notice addresses, or our Tax Identification number, as the legal corporate name remains emocha Mobile Health Inc., a Delaware corporation.
  • When will we receive updated materials that include the new name?
    Updated materials will be shared as one packet in Q4 2022 to simplify submission for any needed reviews or approvals.
  • Who should I reach out to for media-related questions about the rebrand?
    Please email our communications partner, The Bliss Group, at with any questions.