Remote Monitoring Service for Return-to-Learn

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emocha uses short, virtual check-ins to identify, track, and manage COVID-19 symptoms of students, faculty and staff to enable an effective return-to-learn strategy. Through rapid implementation and comprehensive analytics, emocha immediately identifies symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals to help make timely decisions. Actionable reporting insights are updated hourly. With infectious disease experts dedicated to support and review, our monitoring services focus on human engagement, providing direct touchpoints with students, faculty and staff.

How it works


Mass enrollment through HIPAA-secure SMS text.


Individuals report any symptoms they are experiencing.

Virtual Check-in & Temperature Tracker

Individuals who report symptoms record a short video check-in.

Return-to-Learn Digital Badge

Faculty, staff and students receive digital badge to indicate clearance.

Incentive Offering

Students can establish peer accountability and competition.

Identify & manage symptoms

emocha provides daily temperature screening and symptoms reporting through short, virtual check-ins on emocha’s HIPAA-secure mobile app. emocha identifies, triages, and escalates symptoms when needed. 

Reduce risk and prevent further exposures

emocha immediately identifies symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals through effective and streamlined reporting. Our real-time monitoring reduces risk, prevents further exposures, and enables an effective and safe return-to-learn strategy.

Expand resources

emocha helps your organization identify, triage, and escalate symptomatic individuals to better allocate resources and make practical, essential decisions. Through bulk uploads in our web-based portal and mass enrollment via immediate SMS distribution, we ensure a rapid implementation timeline.


All dashboards can be configured to ensure privacy

  • Analytics dashboards provided at both individual and population-level
  • Live monitoring data, updated hourly, shows symptomatic and asymptomatic contacts
  • Listing of declined & non-adherent individuals
  • Detailed fever tracker displays critical temperature readings across time

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