Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) for Medication Adherence

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We combine remote clinical support, video-first technology, and population dashboards to help your patients take every dose of medication, every day.

Launch a high-performing RTM program for medication adherence. Program design, execution and staffing provided by medication adherence experts.

Increase patient engagement

emocha’s RTM program is all about engagement, with daily video check-ins for patients, text message medication reminders, secure chat, and other tools. Our nurses, pharmacists and healthcare experts reach back to answer questions, make medication technique corrections, and provide reminders.

Improve clinical outcomes in less than 90 days

Research shows that about half of patients don’t take their medications as prescribed. A high-performing RTM program focused on medication adherence can assure patients properly take their medications and stay out of the hospital. Providers can use our platform to proactively monitor medication therapy for asthma, COPD, and many other chronic conditions.

Increase reimbursement

CMS begins reimbursing practices for RTM on January 1, 2022. Learn how RTM codes apply to emocha’s program.

Medication adherence improves with remote therapeutic monitoring
emocha’s platform dramatically improved corticosteroid inhaler technique for patients with asthma within two weeks.

Feasibility of video-observed therapy to support asthma inhaler use


How Remote Therapeutic Monitoring for medication adherence works:

Enrollment & initial engagement

Providers identify eligible patients and enroll them in emocha’s digital medication adherence program. Our clinicians connect with patients by phone and secure chat to ensure personalized onboarding in a holistic adherence program.

Clinical observation & assessment

Patients typically begin the program with a pharmacist-led comprehensive medication review. They then download emocha and begin submitting daily videos describing how they are feeling and taking their medication. emocha’s care team reviews patient-submitted data and responds back to encourage adherence and resolve any barriers identified. Patient videos are assessed daily to determine if medications are being properly taken, manage any reported side effects, and correct administration techniques as needed. emocha also identifies whether social determinants of health are impeding medication adherence.

Patient support & ongoing engagement

Patients respond to human connection, so emocha connects with patients daily to foster relationships, offer support, provide health and medication education, and keep patients motivated

Actionable analytics

Provider teams will see detailed patient and population-level analytics for dose-by-dose adherence. Providers will gain a better understanding of patients’ healthcare habits between visits and have detailed data to inform your next in-person or remote appointment.

A clinically proven solution for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

We have been supporting and improving our digital medication adherence program since spinning out of Johns Hopkins in 2014. Our results are documented in 12 peer-reviewed publications.

emocha is a category 1 mobile medical application registered with the FDA

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What is RTM?
Remote Therapeutic Monitoring codes – a promising new way for providers to deliver virtual care and support medication adherence.

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