After a year of “traditional” workplace uncertainty, companies nationwide are knee-deep in designing their return-to-work strategies after employees have largely worked from home. With the combination of declining COVID-19 related deaths and infection rates, and increased vaccinations across communities, perhaps we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Further, through mitigation efforts from United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we now have guidelines that support smaller group gatherings for fully vaccinated people.

Despite these advances, a study commissioned by Envoy, a visitor registration software company, found that 66% of employees surveyed are worried that returning to work in person could compromise their health. “Employees want to be sure the workplace offers more value, flexibility, community, wellness and safety than before,” said Envoy founder and CEO Larry Gadea. As companies may be thinking about workers returning to the office, they need a dual-pronged plan for employees, supporting those who continue to work rom home and managing more folks as they move between settings. 

The Society for Human Resource Management fully outlines a back-to-the-workplace plan, recognizing the need for technology, a strong reopening team, and clear health and safety guidelines to assist in reaching a sense of workplace normalcy. By being  strategic and agile in their back-to-work implementations, organizational leaders are already  ensuring their communities can gather safely.

For example, during this year of uncertainty, emocha has been working with school districts and large corporations to develop and use technology to report symptoms and safely bring people back to the workplace while still supporting the employees who continue to work from home. Through emocha’s Symptoms Monitoring Program, our human-powered and app-based approach empowers organizations to strategically make decisions that respond, detect, control, and prevent outbreaks in order to keep their community safe. 

Relying on an organization’s data, emocha’s four-badge matrix now includes a Purple Badge, which is a visual indicator of a completed vaccination logged by the employee and acknowledged by one of our emocha Care Team members. The combination of  accepted vaccination records and  non-concerning submissions will empower your organization with a tracking mechanism to inform your return-to-work campaign.

Designed with reopening teams in mind, emocha understands the numerous practical challenges in bringing communities back to the workplace safely. As regulations continue to evolve, it is imperative to log which of your employees are fully vaccinated and track those who may be experiencing symptoms. emocha’s symptoms monitoring solution powered by your organization’s HIPAA-compliant data will allow your professionals to make turnkey informed decisions. 

Ask an emocha team member how our solution can be customized to suit your organization’s return-to-work strategy.