Introducing emocha

Healthy habits made easy

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A digital medication program to support you at every dose.

  • Access to dedicated coach
  • Rewards for healthy habits
  • Daily medication support

An 8-week program that provides personalized support

How It Works

Join and get the emocha app. The app uses 2-way video and chat with a health coach and daily medication reminders.

Go over your medications with a pharmacist. This helps to better understand what you are taking. We will also send you a welcome kit and a $25 gift card for completing this important step.

Use the emocha app to submit short videos of you taking your medications. Your coach is on hand to talk about any medication needs.

Complete the program with high adherence to get another $25 gift card. Your care team will keep in touch and support you throughout the rest of the year.

All at no cost to you.

emocha Health, along with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, offers members between the ages of 5-64 with asthma an easy to use, digital medication program.

Why join?

Personalized, convenient  medication support

A care team excited to help you form lasting medication habits

Financial rewards for investing in your health

“I really like the support from this program because I hate the way I feel when I don’t take my meds properly.”

emocha program participant

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