When it comes to masking, the most important factor is wearing it correctly and effectively: a properly fitted mask over your nose and mouth. A host of new information surrounding double masking has emerged in the past few months — as it becomes more difficult for individuals to spread any particles from their noses and mouths to others by forcing those particles to go through more layers of fabric and/or filters. Yet double layering masks does not negate the need for social distancing; it is still possible to spread the virus no matter how many masks one wears. Even those who are vaccinated should still continue to wear masks and practice social distancing. While double masking can help, experts have found that the most significant challenge still includes people who do not wear a mask at all. emocha’s Medical Director and infectious disease expert Dr. Bob Bollinger emphasizes this, stating: “The biggest problem we have is convincing those that refuse to wear any masks at all to demonstrate common sense by putting on at least one mask.”

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